Health Of the Mind

Health Of the Mind

If we look into the thesaurus we will be surprised to find so many positive words related to the word Health. But is health only related to the physical wellbeing of the body? Many of us are aware of how important it isto keep our body healthy.We eat fresh and nutritious food.

Taking our meals on time, having our meals in the appropriate amount and clean. We are aware of how important is exercising to maintain the strength,flexibility, mobility and youth of the body.

Some of us spend long hours understanding and researching the varieties of food and methods to prepare a healthy meal for the day. We are very much aware of what our body need to maintain a healthy physic, but are we aware of how to maintain a healthy life style?

A healthy life style is not only reduced to the aspect of the physical body being fit and strong. What about the health of the mind? The body and the mind is closely connected, simply maintaining a healthybody does not mean that the mind is also healthy.

Health Of the Mind

The mind is actually like the engine on the car. If we only wash and polish the body of the car every week and we do not care for the engine or even how we drive our cars, the car will not last too long.

We are very much aware of how important is it to maintain and service our cars, it’s the same with our bodies. If we only come to the conclusion that our body is what we look at in the mirror; what about what and how we think? We should cultivate the health of the mind. What does that mean? The purpose of the mind is to think.

Thinking is the nature of the mind but how do we think and cultivate thoughts is important as we must be aware that our thoughts create our habits and our principles in our life. A healthy life style does not only begin and end with the vibrancy of the different systems in our body. We also need to look at the health of the mind and its thoughts.

What are healthy thoughts? Healthy thoughts are thoughts that do not burden the mind or create ill feelings towards oneself or others. Where do these thoughts come from? These thoughts come from a lack of understanding that we are not only this body neither are we this mind and the thoughts.

Try to understand that the body, mind and its thoughts are always changing. It never remains the same no matter how much we want the body to remain or our thoughts and ideas to remain. But that does not discount the very fact that we need to keep the body and mind healthy as that will maintain a balance in our life.


Acharya Shri Parveen Nair