NUAD THAI YOGA MASSAGE WORKSHOP for back and neck pain

NUAD THAI YOGA MASSAGE WORKSHOP for back and neck pain
Saturday 27.05.23 17:00 – 19:30
      In this workshop you will experience how to give and receive NUAD Thai Yoga Massage. The focus will be on back and neck problems.
      We will practice special poses for these areas to reduce tension and pain. Our modern life demands many hours of sitting position and usually we have not enough time to move our body or we feel too tired to integrate physical training in out daily schedule.
     This workshop will help you to find easy techniques to stretch and massage the back and neck area, for yourself and your „massage-partner“.
About Julia Planicka:
B.Ed. MA, Massage therapist and teacher:
Julia Planicka is an experienced and highly trained Massage therapist and teacher. Born in Austria with Greek roots and a lot of international experience.
She is also a fitness coach and social worker who loves to help people „to reach their full potential in life“.
During her years of studying, in and outside of Europe, she learned many skills, different massage techniques and body movements.
Julia also offers a full NUAD Thai Massage basic course for those who wants to study more or plan to work as a massage therapist in a professional context.
– NUAD Phaen Boran Traditional Therapeutic Thai Massage
– Shiatsu Massage
– CrossFit Trainer Level 1 & Mobility Trainer Certificate
– Social worker, MA
– Case Management, DGCC
– Special need education teacher, B.Ed.
Info / Bookings:
Filippos Lazaridis: +30 6974201165