The Studio

Padma Shala - Yoga & P{ilates - Katerini

Padma (the lotus flower) Shala (house/school of yoga), was given its name as it was inspired by nature and life just like the blossoming of the lotus. The lotus grows in dark, mirky waters and blooms into a remarkably beautiful flower by choosing the purest rays of the sun.

The same is true for the journey of a yogi. Just as the lotus emerges from this muddy water, clean and pure, a yogi’s journey with willingness and perseverance will lead to the road of enlightenment and liberation from attachment.

You are the heart of the lotus.

You are welcome to become a part of a small inspired community of individuals. Padma Shala is a cozy, minimal and relaxing studio with two flexible and fully equipped studio classrooms.

Our intent is to support and guide you to improve your everyday life.

Padma Shala’s welcoming community is comprised of open-hearted individuals of all ages and fitness levels.

These individuals not only want to have a good time, to learn and practice yoga/pilates but to increase their self-awareness and become more empathetic.