“Root to Heart” 2 Days Yoga Workshop with Onur Cifci 03/19

This 2 days Workshop is open for all level students who want to deepen their practice. Both workshops will focus on how to buils basics and improve your skills on how to practice by your own.
Saturday : 18:00-20:00
First day – 2 hours class “Arm balance and Inversion for everyone”
This workshop focuses on standing and arm balance poses that activate the root chakra. Starting from simple arm balance basics, continue with how to do intermediate and advance poses, and to remain more balanced and strong in each poses. Thus, working with root chakra, it is aimed to face the fear that occurs in poses, to understand the reflections in life and to reveal its awareness.

Sunday : 12:00-14:00
Second day – 2 hours class “Practicing and living from heart center”
Second day we will focus on the heart chakra by practicing backbends poses and stretching across the entire front of the body, especially through the heart center. Offering students oppurtunity for cultivating equanimity between emotinal poles.
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