Padma Shala - Yoga & P{ilates - Katerini

The period of pregnancy is a special and wonderful time in the life of a woman. During this time a woman’s body changes continuously, accommodating the new being inside her.

Prenatal yoga is a perfect choice as it includes postures(asanas), breathing techniques(pranayama) and relaxation. All of which maintain inner peace, physical and spiritual health during this important experience.

Our classes are designed for all trimesters to keep the body strong and fit in order to prepare itself for the birthing process. Additional, the postures, breathing and relaxation techniques rid the body of any unwanted stress/pressure.

The last month of practice focuses on techniques aimed to facilitate labor.
It is mandatory that students have a written consent form from their obstetrician/gynecologist..

Designed for pregnant women at all stages of pregnancy, with or without prior experience in yoga.

‘Love the whole world as a mother loves her only child..’