“Yoga Embodied” Workshop With Parveen Nair from Rishikesh 6 & 7/5

“Yoga Embodied”
What is (YOGA) embodied?
✔️Embodied yoga practice connects the mind with the body to aid build self awareness. It helps you to experience yourself in the moment. It strengthens your connection with yourself, making you more attuned, gently, allowing you to feel, experience, and trust in what your body is telling you .
✔️Embodied yoga practice allows you to begin to get used to what it’s like to feel in your unique body. It offers a gentle way of starting to connect with entrust your body again. It teaches you it’s okay to feel.
✔️To use the feelings as a pathway back to the body, which is generally forgotten due to habitual living in the mind or in social media.
✔️Various somatic movement patterns are use to help remind the body of its natural interaction within the body and through this the practitioner begins to feel the response coming from the body without discounting. Even the smallest response as a pathway back to the body.
What it is not
✔️Yoga is a somatic practice, which means of the body. However, it’s often not practised this way. Instead, there’s often and over focus on achieving impressive poses. ✔️This is not in the case of embodied (YOGA).
Focusing on static poses can result to over contracting and limiting the body to a particular form, and this feeling may spill over into the mind, and one may begin to get a feel stuck in their lifestyle not knowing that they have a choice to move.
✔️ it is not a set of instructions on how to achieve a set of poses rather it is focusing on how the movement feels from inside out.
What will you learn in this Yoga Embodied Workshop
✔️You will learn how simple movements make a big difference
✔️How you feel is very important to you as a way back to your body
✔️ To trust your gut felling and to be connected to your higher self .
Day 1 – Saturday (16:00- 20:00)
Embodied movement focused on the pliability of the hips and it’s incredible interaction with the spine and legs to creat various functional movements that can help us achieve a better balance with our body.
This will include various transition from standing to seated , seated to kneeling , kneeling to supine or prone position. Using the grammar of Yoga asanas .
(Duration: 2.5 hours )
✔️Short break
Embodied Breath works , begins with a short movement template that can help us reconnect with our breathing body .
Using The Humming Method .
(Duration: 1.5hours)
Day 2 – Sunday (11:00- 15:00)
Embodied movements based on the dancing shiva (Nataraja). A yoga dance template created to empower and balance the human body expression with the cosmic male and female energy. With variations of soft and warm energetic asanas woven together in a Yoga dance format.
(Duration: 2.5 hours )
✔️Short Break
Embodied Breath awareness practice of Shiva Breath and Shakti Breath. Using the breath to find the action and inaction .
That which is moving and non moving .
(Duration: 1.5hours)